Eye tracking-based
cognitive assessment (ETCA)
For simpler and easier
cognitive assessment


Alzheimer’s Disease International estimates that over 50 million people worldwide live with dementia and that this figure will increase to 152 million by 2050 (World Alzheimer Report 2019).

However, this projection may be modified because the early detection of dementia and early intervention, including improved lifestyle with regular physical exercise, can significantly reduce the likelihood of the onset of the disease (2017 Lancet; Living et al.).

Certainly, early detection is a key. However, the benefits of early dementia diagnosis are not sufficiently enjoyed, because approximately 75% of patients with dementia are reportedly overlooked, missing their opportunities for early evaluation (ADI World Alzheimer Report 2011).

Against this backdrop, Ai-BrainScience was established for the practical implementation of an innovative method for rapid cognitive assessment using high-performance eye-tracking technology.

We are determined to contribute to the extension of the healthy life expectancy of society by providing this “cognitive assessment simply by looking” that is more accessible to everyone.

Ai-BrainScience Inc.