Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We proceed with the development of next-generation technology that includes the analysis of the gaze plot recorded during the cognitive test. This addition of the “time” element in analysis and the diagnosis algorithm supported by AI and machine learning produce highly accurate and effective information for the differential diagnosis of dementia.
There are several types of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia with Lewy bodies; each has a different causative disease.
Naturally, treatment is different for respective cases. Therefore, differentiation is considered of utmost importance in the clinical settings. We believe the eye tracking-based cognitive assessment (ETCA) system can provide a solution. By accumulating continuous gaze plot data, and if diseases showing particular eye movements / visual functions can be identified by AI analysis, we can develop a type of next-generation dementia diagnosis support equipment that is useful for differentiation.
The differential diagnosis of dementia, which so far relies on highly specialized knowledge and the expertise of doctors, is expected to be performed more simply and objectively, and patients with dementia can receive more appropriate treatment and care.

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